For individual prayer please call or text our prayer line number 07496078255

We believe prayer is essential to reaching every home on earth with the Gospel. We have seen time and again that the degree to which we mobilize prayer is the degree to which our evangelism efforts grow and are fruitful. Thus, before a single Gospel message is put into the hands of any individual—before evangelism teams approach a single home—the work begins and continues with a commitment to prayer.

Concerted prayer covers every step, from training to outreach to discipleship. Some hold targeted prayer meetings while others prayer walk strategic locations, always praying that barriers to the Gospel will be removed, hearts will be prepared and many will respond to the gospel message.

This commitment to prayer crosses international boundaries. At Every Home for Christ’s international headquarters, the staff gathers to pray over these global initiatives each day, asking God to open doors in countries that are closed to His Word, to open minds to receive the Gospel and to protect Every Home for Christ workers around the world.

In the past decade, as Every Home for Christ has committed to continual prayer at the Jericho Center, there has been an incredible increase in the number of homes reached, responses to the Gospel and the number of Christ Groups planted.

Homes Reached & Prayed For

Current Pace: 311,000 per day

Historical Total: 1.8 billion