The heartbeat of Every Home for Christ is to reach the world for Christ. We have found the most effective way to reach entire nations is to map out and visit every home, so that everyone has the opportunity to receive the Gospel. This systematic approach not only allows us to measure how much of a nation has been covered, but more importantly we are able to minister the Gospel personally, face to face.

This method of sharing the Gospel is highly effective and non-threatening. It allows for dialogue with those who are genuinely seeking God and the opportunity to pray for the needs of each household. By leaving gospel literature at each home, the Holy Spirit can minister in His timing as the messages are read and re-read and even passed along to others.

Historically, we have worked in around 200 nations, but never alone. Every Home for Christ always partners with the local church to do the work of evangelism and discipleship. Each month, we train and equip thousands of churches to systematically reach their communities for Christ. An average of 30,000 trained volunteers from local churches go home to home each month ministering the Gospel. In areas where there is no local church, we send trained “pioneer missionaries” to minister the Gospel. These local volunteers and pioneer missionaries have a heart for their nation, understand the local culture and speak the local language making them very effective ministers of the Gospel.

People Who’ve Responded to the Gospel

Current Pace: 52,000 per day

Historical Total: 173 million